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Best Cat Shelves and Perches

Best Cat Shelves and Perches (2021 Reviews)

Cats have a hobby of climbing liking high places due to their having hunting and survival instincts. They also like to climb up for safety and their claws enable them to do so.

This is a good reason to get them the best cat shelves and perches you can find to make them feel at home. When cats get tired they tend to look for a place to rest or sleep tranquility.

This article provides you a selection of seven of the best cat shelves and perches in the market you can choose from in 2021.

We shall consider some of the factors that you should consider when choosing cat top-ranked shelves and beds, Besides we’ll discuss the questions that people frequently asked about them.

Comparison Table of The Best Cat Shelves and Perches

Kitty Cot Original World’s Best Cat PerchPatented in USA, Humane Society Approved, Easy to clean, Made from Super Tough PVC Plastic Pipe, Support Cables are made from Sturdy Steel
K&H Pet EZ Mount Penthouse Kitty SillBuilt-in ledge for easy entrance and exit, Mounts to most windows and Glass doors, Accommodates Multiple Cats with Extra Strong Suction Cup system
Akemi Tanaka Curve Modern Bentwood Wall-Mounted Cat Window Seat Cat ShelfHandmade with a Slim Profile, Choice wood, Easy to Install
PetFusion Cat Activity Wall ShelvesGreat for adventurous cats, Simple & Elegant Design, Space Saving & Easy to Install, 12 month Warranty.
Wooden Cat Perch Shelf Floating Wall Mount Amish MadeLovely Handmade Maple wood Floating Cat Shelve, Comes in a set of a corner piece & two rectangular pieces, Space Saver, Safe & Non-Toxic can hold upto 50Lbs
Foam Cushion Deluxe Kitty Window Perch with Fleece CoverEasily attaches to al windowsills, Foam cushion that provides a safe comfortable place for your kitty.
Cat Window BedComes with A Free Fleece Blanket, and Toy, Extra Large & Sturdy, Can Hold Two Large Cats, Easy to Assemble

Best cat shelves and perches reviews

1.Kitty Cot Original World’s Best Cat Perch

The amazing kitty Cat Perch mounts on to the windows using Giant patented USA suction cups. The material used to make this Perch is super durable ¾ PVC plastic pipe and fittings that can stand you cat scratches.

It has support cables that are 1/8’’ steel that is strong. It is approved by the Humane Society and Easy to clean with soap and water. Hence you don’t have to worry about cat hairs getting stuck on your fabrics.

Dimensions are 25.5’’ x 14’’. This perch is perfect for your cat because allows it to sleep at the window watching the panoramic view. It can attach to windows, mirrors and smooth non-porous surfaces plus you don’t have to worry about floor space in which to put it.

The hammock is a supper-tough black nylon fabric called Tiger-Mesh that does not tear or rip but easy to wash.


  • Soft & Comfortable
  • Easy to install
  • Saves on floor space
  • Easy to wash
  • Patented in the USA


  • Does not hold heavier weights

2. K&H Pet EZ Mount Penthouse Kitty Sill

The perfect window-mounted entertainment room for your cat. Measurements are 19’’x 23’’ x 9.5’’ respectively making it easy to mount on most windows or glass doors.

It is a built-in ledge that makes it easily accessible for the cat when entering and exiting. Best for accommodating multiple felines and has the extra strong suction cup system.

Great for your cat to nap on top and inside if it wants to change sleeping positions. The perch is comfortable for the cat because while up there by the window to get some sunshine.


  • Holds heavier pet cats
  • Comes in Gray and Black colors
  • Has strong suction cups
  • Offers a secure window watching experience


  • Slight sags in the middle when holding heavy cats

3. Akemi Tanaka Curve Modern Bentwood Wall-Mounted Cat Window Seat Cat Shelf

It comes in sleek Birch and Cream color and a curved to suit comfortability. It has a modern beautiful artwork that makes it best for wall mounting. The material it is made from is wood which matches wooden furniture and fabrics used can blend in with your décor.

Its installation does not need professional or special skills to mount because it goes right into studs and it’s very sturdy.  And the cushion comes off so that you can keep it clean and fresh. One of the adorable features is it can be mounted anywhere on the wall even under a windowsill and requires only two holes to nail.

Also, it has well-made anchors that come along in case there are no studs for mounting.  The quality is durable and worth every penny you spend on it.


  • Sturdy
  • Comes in two colors
  • Blends with décor
  • Easy to install


  • Pricey

4. PetFusion Cat Activity Wall Shelves

A great product that can be mounted near the door giving it a unique fit with your home and office décor.  It is made from premium EO grade MDF that had passed formaldehyde safety regulations and the stringent European REACH standards.

The product can be mounted without any difficulty and has a simple elegant look that is not over-engineered like other cat shelves.

It securely fastens on the wall thus providing a secure environment for your household. Has zinc drywall anchors that you can attach to the wall using a hammer and screwdriver to add on that, the removal process is as simple too.

You are guaranteed 12-month return policy if you are not satisfied with the product.


  • Secure
  • Simple and elegant
  • 12-Month warranty
  • Additional accessories
  • Sturdy anchors
  • Blends with décor
  • No drilling required to install


  • Your cat will need a bit of training to learn to use it

5. Wooden Cat Perch Shelf Floating Wall Mount Amish Made

They are exquisitely handmade from Maple wood and designed to have no hardware visibly seen to preserve its floating neat look. The set comes with a single corner piece and two rectangular pieces. The product dimensions are 18 x 12 x 4 inches and 25 pounds.

The carpet on the top surface helps to make the grip strong for climbing, playing and stress-free movements. They save on space if you have limited ground area and still want to give the cat an adventurous environment.

It has a dark cherry lacquer look and is scratch safe due to its non-toxic nature, safe for pets. It is durable, can be customized to your liking in terms of the different shapes and finish


  • They are large and very sturdy on the wall
  • Easy to install
  • Come with strong industrial brackets
  • Very durable
  • Handcrafted Amish fine Maple Wood
  • Warranty


  • You will need to drill extra holes to secure the base firmly because of the heaviness
  • If your walls or corners are not square it you will need to make adjustments

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6. Foam Cushion Deluxe Kitty Window Perch with Fleece Cover

These perches have a perfect window view from its seat. Easy to mount on the window sill due to the screw holes for the two support brackets and alternative Velco Style fasteners to secure it.

It offers the perfect sunbathing experience for your furry friend while the foam cushion provides a safe happy home. It has a soft comfortable fleece cover that is can be removed for laundry.

The dimensions for this product are 23.75” Long and 12’’ Deep, your cat will love climbing in the house windows. If you need to choose among the best cat shelves and perches to suit its needs and your interior décor this is one of them.


  • Easy to install on the window sill
  • Heavy duty
  • Price is right


  • If you don’t want to screw holes in the sill you need to use additional adhesive to secure it

7. Cat Window Bed

This cat window perch is extra-large and made from a robust material. It is great for the cat that loves the sunbathing feeling and panoramic window view. You can use the product to train you to stop climbing on the table.

It is perfect for a standard-sized window. The difference with average other perches its material is sturdy 1 inch ABS tubing that is secured by tough steel spring clips and SS304 stainless steel cables coated with soft rubber protective to your cat.

The fleece cushion is machine-washable, while the hammock is breathable also it has no chemical smell. It has a sturdy food-grade mesh base that gives a secure base for the cat to lie on.

This perch is very easy to assemble, with specifically engineered 3 ½-inch suctions cups that can hold two large cats totaling 60 lbs. The accessories include a free fun feather cat toy to keep entertain your cat.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Sturdy
  • Has great suction power
  • Holds heavy fats


  • So far none

Video of one the best cat shelves and perches for your kitty 

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You can organize home space and improve the overall feel for your cat by getting the best cat shelves and perches for your kitty as reviewed in this article. These shelves will help to establish order in your house as well as the creation of a kitty safe heaven. Cat shelves and perches offer luxurious comfort as well as a panoramic view for your furry friend as they will not need to go out when they feel adventurous. As we know cats love to instinctively stay in high places so when you get them not just any product in the market.

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