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Best Dog nail Clippers for Black Nails

Best Dog Nail Clippers for Black Nails (2022 Reviews)

Nail clipping for dogs is an art to be perfected and the right nail clipper plays a central role especially when they are hard black nails. Black nails are harder to cut so it is important to choose the best dog nail clippers for black nails that will not hurt your dog.

The fact is most dogs get scared, squirm and some even bite when you start to groom their nails. The foremost reason is a lot of pain they may have experienced in the past when their nails were cut too close to the flesh. These memories do not fade away easily and so the dog will either fear or take flight whenever they see those clippers. Instincts or nature use pain as a way to protect the dog and teach it to evade by all means. So do not be surprised when your dog does not want its nails trimmed.

In this article, we shall be considering some best clippers that are appropriate for your dog’s black nails.

Here are the top 4 based on customer experiences and reviews.

1. Fur Goodness Sake Dog Nail Clippers Large Breed

2. Casifor Dog Nail Grinder and Clippers

3. Boshel Dog Nail Clippers and Trimmer

4. Luckytail Claw Safe Grinder

Comparison Table of The Best Dog Nail Clippers for Black Nails

Fur Goodness Sake Dog Nail ClippersSturdy, Easy to use, None Slip Handles & Perfect for Hard Black Nails
Casifor Dog Nail Grinder ClippersProduces Low Noise, Has Low Vibration, Affordable and has a Wide Grip Handle
Bobocawa Dog Nail ClippersVariety of Sizes, Easy to Use, Makes Clean Cuts, Best for Medium & Smaller Dog Nails
Ruff 'n Ruffus Cat and Dog Nail GrinderLong lasting Battery, Produces Less Noise, Has a Bonus Diamond Grinding Wheel, Durable & Works on All Pets
Boshel Nail Clippers and TrimmerCuts through Hard Black Nails & Back Guard, on Clippers for Enhanced Safety

1. Fur Goodness Sake Dog Nail Clippers Large Breed

This is the perfect nail clipper for large breed hounds that possess monster nails, which are normally solid and tough. It is the best for dogs that get tensed when you want to trim them because it is safe to use.

This product is made from a heavy-duty material so it is sturdy hence giving confidence to first-time users as well as professionals of the dog nail clippers. Besides, the grips are soft but never slip while you use them.

It has a guard that stays in position when you move it all to the right and back to the left slowly and feel the guard halt in place.

Moreover, these clippers have longer handles than your typical clippers making them easy to use because more pressure is on the cutter and less on your hands.


  • Very sturdy
  • It has fewer chances of a misstep and eventual cutting of the nail too short leading to bleeding especially for terrified dogs when nail trimming.
  • Perfect for black claws that are normally difficult to cut
  • Includes a useful guide to assist the new users of this product.
  • Very easy to use
  • Reasonable priced
  • Handles are none slip


  • None at the moment.

2. Casifor Dog Nail Grinder and Clippers

These clippers are good for beginners as well as professional groomers since it is well-constructed.

It has both a grinder and a clipper. The grinder is tough enough to grind black claws that are difficult to grind.

The grinder works perfectly without producing noise so it is good for training shy and overactive behaviors in dogs when trimming their nails.

Besides, it can be used on both large, medium, and small dogs to clip as well as grind dog nails.

It has a size that is perfect and works like a cool fan grinding quickly and has different speeds that are easy to maneuver single-handedly.

Most importantly, this product has a handle that offers a wide grip.


  • It can be used by most dogs for smooth grinding and clipping.
  • Produces no noise and has low vibration
  • It relaxes the dog when grinding them so it does not upset them.
  • The price is right for all consumers


  • The process of grinding huge nails may be slower.

3. Bobocawa Dog Nail Clippers

These vet-approved nail clippers are made from durable material for cutting clean and close without breaking the nails.

The product comes in a variety of sizes that are comfortable to grasp.  It is reasonably priced but works great, worth every penny you spend.

Best for first-timers who would like an easy experience when snipping their dog’s claws because it has a safety stop that prevents overcutting of nails.


  • It is best for trimming medium and smaller dog’s nails effectively
  • Easy to use
  • Very sharp to give clean cuts.
  • Has free bonuses like a free big clipper, advice on pet care, money-back guarantee.
  • Suitable for all other pets.
  • The price is right for your pocket for a great product.


  • It does not trim huge dogs especially male dogs with black nails.

4. Lucky Tail Claw Grinder

LuckyTail is lightweight with a unique-bent design built to fit in your hand comfortably.  A special grinding port is included to suit different-sized pets.

It possesses one of the most powerful motors in the market that can be adjusted from low to high speed to suit your pet’s needs. LuckyTail is built to protect the nerves in your dog’s nails from injury plus you can charge it with a USB cable.

it has everything that’s needed to care for your pet’s claws: grinder, safety cap, grinding port, changeable grinder head, charging cable, and cleaning cloth. There is no significant level of buzzing or vibration that you and your pet can feel making the whole experience nice and smooth.


  • It is safe to use
  • Easy to handle
  • Quiet while working
  • Comfortable to hold
  • it has different speeds


  • None at the moment

5. Ruff ‘n Ruffus Cat and Dog Nail Grinder

It is a unique pet nail grinder that has 40% less noise. So does not make the dog uneasy when grooming its nails.

It gets the work done perfectly because it has little grinding wheels that make it quite fast than your ordinary dog grinder.

A set has 3 bonus accessories (a bonus diamond grinding wheel, trimming clippers, and a large silk storage pouch) without the need of paying extra cash

It is also among the clippers for dog nails that are normally hard because of the diamond bit grinder that is durable and of much value.

Also, it can be used on pets that are small, medium, and big.

Most importantly, it has a rechargeable and cordless system. The battery lasts up to 6 hours after being charged giving you ample time for use before the next recharge.


  • The battery is long-lasting
  • Very easy to use
  • It can be used on multiple pets
  • Low noise on the motor does not scare your dog.
  • This clipper has a unique guard that enables the right snipping of the hard nails.
  • Trims and grinds the nails without injuring your pet.
  • The product is rechargeable and can be used for various purposes.


  • It slows when grinding a big dog’s paws.
  • Heats the dog claws hence one may need to let it cool to engage again in grinding.
  • Usually, it clogs up so you need to occasionally take out the cap and blow it clean.

6. Boshel Dog Nail Clippers and Trimmer

This is superior quality stainless steel with sharpened blades that can trim hard black dog nails. It maintains its sharpness for years which makes it ideal for regular grooming.

The clipper is great for professional nail clipping as it is easy to clutch thus it ensures safety while you undertake the trimming of the hard dog nails.

Also, it has a safety stop sensor that stops the blade when trimming nails that are too short, which prevents accidental injuries to the pet.

There is a Bonus free mini nail file for filing your dog’s nail positioned onto the left handle of your clipper, excellent for home grooming.


  • Very sharp it cuts through black hard dog nails smoothly.
  • It has instructions that when followed, work perfectly on all dogs.
  • The price is right for your pocket.
  • It has a back guard on the clippers to enhance safety while it is in use.


  • Not best for use on large American bulldogs as it may split the nails.

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What to look for when buying the best dog nail clippers for thick black nails

  • Dog claw size

Choose the appropriate dog toenail clippers that are for your specific dog claw size because there is no single-size clipper for all dogs. Clipper on a large-sized dog can break and so the appropriate tool could be a guillotine or Dremel for grinding.

On the other hand, a bigger clipper on the nails of a small dog could lead to overcutting and touching the quick nerves. This will hurt the dog and may make it forever afraid of nail cutting.

Large clippers have superior mechanical advantages like using less force when trimming the dogs’ nails.

  • Quality

The amount of money spent most times determine how superior the quality of the material of the clippers has. Having clippers with stainless steel will ensure you avoid it rusting. That will protect your dog against infections as well as maintain the sharpness of the blade.

The superior the quality then you can be sure the better the results you will get for trimming your dog. Good quality will accord the dog an easy time and relaxation when you groom him.

  • Dog’s demeanor

The type of clippers and scissors will be important to avoid it slipping, breaking, or injuring the dog when the dog gets jittery.

  • Cost

The price may also be a determining factor for the quality of your clippers. Your budget can earn you extras when you purchase the clippers at a slightly higher cost than the regular ones.

Scissors act like guillotines and is normally cheaper than clippers and Dremels. Some clippers could be cheap but they may be faulty and eventually break down or hurt your dog.

  • Safety

It is important to protect your pet when trimming the claws, having a clipper that has a Quick Sensor will help avoid overcutting the nail. This will prevent injuring your dog especially if you are trimming them as a beginner.

Ensure the handle cover is the type that does not slip from your hand as you trim your dog. So it will be key to note if the clipper has rubber handles it reduces the possibility of slipping from your hand.

Pick a clipper that has a safety lock that will enable you to store it safely when not in use. This safety lock keeps the blades closed, therefore, it will help avoid untimely mishaps.

A safety top is a blade-shaped additional metallic arc that prevents overcutting of the dog’s nails. The product should be great for beginners and those who fear overcutting their dog’s nails. So it is something to look for when buying clippers.

  • Return Policy

Buy clippers that have a return back policy since it is an indication of the manufacturers’ vote of confidence in their product.

FAQ: About the best dog nail clippers for black nails

1. Why is it hard to cut dog nails?

Nature provides pain as protection and if something hurts, an animal must learn to avoid and even fight it if cut too close. In extreme cases even bite you when attempting to cut their nails. Slowly introduce new clippers to remove a bad experience the dog had with a clipper that was not suitable for it.

One can change to Dremeling which is not painful and you will not accidentally overcut with this method. Start using food rewards as a way of making your dog ease while you Dremel or clip its nails.

Well, you could ask for assistance from professional nail groomers and vets to do it for you. Alternatively, use online tutorials on how to do safe trimmings then roll up your sleeves because it is more sustainable as opposed to professional groomers or vets.

2. How do you cut an overgrown black dog’s nails?

Nail grooming is key but as we have seen above that most dogs hate nail trimming probably that could be the reason your dog has overgrown nails. You will need to allocate time weekly to trim them bit by bit until they reach a suitable size.

Use a lot of food treats to reward the dog so that he may stay calm as you trim the nails. You can change the type of nail clippers because of experience, probably the dog hates the previous clippers that were uncomfortable.

3. Why are my dog’s nails turning red?

When your dog’s nail turns red, it is an indication that it has an infection caused by yeast, it has allergies, or old age is settling in. So visit your vet for conclusive identification as to the actual reason your dog has a red tint on the nails.

As explained above it is important to take note of your dog’s behavior. If it licks or chews its paw in addition to the tinting then that confirms that it has a fungal infection.

4. Is it better to cut or grind dog nails?

Pet grooming is a show of love and care from you to your furry friends. Some dog owners ask though which is better between cutting the dog nails or grinding them.  Note that both of these processes are important for the dog but they are different.

Nail clipping is quick and clean provided you use the best nail clippers that are sharp and made of superior materials. Whereas if you use the wrong size or blunt clippers they can crack the nails and even hurt the dog when you overcut the nails.

Grinding, on the other hand, makes the nails rounded and smooth. The Dremel tool is great for dogs that fear the clippers. This tool is good for large dogs and more so for thick black nails although it is much slower than clippers. Most Dremels tend to create noises when grinding and they produce dust which makes them tedious to use.

To cut or to grind? I will let you be the judge.

5. How do you clip black nails using the best nail clippers?

It is practical to start with making minor cuts of the black nails as opposed to a single huge cut because you can monitor how far the disease has progressed. Continue with the slight cuts until you reach the arc of the nail, do not go further than that as this will harm the dog.

Alternatively, you could use the services of a professional to do the clipping as you learn how to do the clipping on your own. Of importance is to use the recommended nail clippers for black nails. This article has featured some of the best nail clippers for black nails.

There is a caution though when cutting the dog’s nails. You have to ensure the length of the new nail goes beyond the blood supply so that enough nail for the length of which to cut. Whereas the clippers cut swift, clean, and painless one should do so slowly and use treats to relax the dog.

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The bottom line is generally all dogs have the potential of getting black nails either through their genetic makeup or bacterial infections. Another reason is when the owner does not groom the dog appropriately. Dog grooming is therefore important to decrease the chances of health problems. If your dog has black nails be sure to use the best dog nail clippers for black nails.

In a nutshell, during shopping for the best nail clippers of your choice, ensure you take into consideration the following. Check your dog’s claw size because they differ even if the thickness varies from one dog to another. The budget you have set aside will decide the type of clippers you will get as well as the accessories that come with them.

The safety of clippers is something to think of because it includes the type of handle cover, safety lock, safety top & Quick sensor. One should also consider if the clippers have stainless steel and are the blades sharp enough? Last but not least do the products have a return policy which is a big indication of the quality the clippers have. When you consider all these, then you should be able to get the best product that is for cutting thick black nails.



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