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Best Vacuum Cleaners for Pet Hair Removal (9 2022 Reviews).

Vacuuming using the best vacuum cleaners for pet hair removal when you are a pet parent to cats and dogs with a tendency to shed their fur is second to nature. This is more of an essential daily routine than a once-in-a-while deep clean fur all over the floor, carpet, and furniture.

Depending on the kind of pet you have with much fur or the number of fur pets you will determine the type of vacuum you get. Getting the best vacuum cleaner for pet hair removal is important to keep your home cleaner and to take care of your fur needs.

The Best Vacuum Cleaners for Pet Hair Removal, 9 Editor’s Review

Here are our 9 choices for the best vacuum cleaners for pet hair removal to keep your home super clean and your pets happy.

1. HONITURE Q6 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The first ideal thing about the HONITURE Q6 2-in-1 is its ability to save you energy and time. That is brought about by having no reason to empty the trash after each cleaning. Equipped with a 2.8L large-capacity self-empty Base, robot Q6 can automatically empty the trash.

When the dust bag is full, the vacuum cleaner will remind you. The best part is you don’t need to touch the dust directly, just throw away the dust bag once a month, which can easily and cleanly solve the garbage problem.

With the help of laser scanners and advanced SLAM algorithms, robot Q6 can create a map of your apartment in real-time to plan the path that best suits your surroundings, thereby achieving efficient and detailed cleaning. Covered with 24 sensors, a robot vacuum can easily cope with complex environments hence you know where it is and where it is going.

The powerful suction of 2700pa, larger than most vacuum cleaners on the market; plus high torsion spindle brush and double side brushes and equipped with a HEPA filter system.

It is recognized internationally as the best filter material and the most effective pollutant filter medium, robot vacuum can effectively loosen, extract, and vacuum dirt to give a superior clean and easy deal with the debris.

Equipped with Nidec brushless motor design generating 2700Pa deeper cleaning is achieved, combined with automatic Carpet Boost, ensures all types of floor are well cleaned especially useful for carpeted floors. Easily handle the regular particles that fell on the floor. It is one of the Best Vacuum Cleaners for pet hair removal and cleaner for all types of dirt at home.

Using HonySmart App, you can choose a cleaning mode, set a cleaning time, select room cleaning, create no-go zone areas, specify areas to be cleaned, and use Alexa or Google Assistant for voice control. (Only turn on and turn off)

You can arrange the cleaning of the entire house, or a specific room when you go out. Equipped with a 5200mAh lithium battery, the robot vacuum can work for 280 minutes, which can meet the needs of any family. Even large apartments only need to be cleaned once.

If the battery is low, it will return to the charging station for charging and return to the previous position to complete the work after charging is complete.

Precision laser navigation means Q6 can map out your home and then clean one room or your whole house with a few taps on your phone.

The HONITURE Q6 comes with a 2.8L Self-empty base, which can store dust and garbage for nearly a month. During this time, it empties on its own from the dust box to the home base every time it cleans the room without you having to touch the mess.

There’s additionally the package includes 3 spare garbage bags as a gift


  • 2 in 1 Robot Vacuum and Mopping
  • Control all your rooms with APP
  • Powerful suction 2700Pa
  • Ideal for home with pets and kids
  • Ultra-high Battery Capacity
  • An amazing product at a great price


  • To clean the hair around the brush, you have to have a screwdriver to take the brush off which is a little inconvenient.

2. Roborock S6 Pure Robot Vacuum and Mop

The Roborock s6 has a wide range of sensors to ensure S6 is able to navigate your home smoothly and thoroughly. These include a precision accuracy laser rangefinder, infra-red cliff sensors that constantly scan for drops such as stairs, a carpet sensor that triggers a power boost on carpets, and much more.

Multi-floor Mapping: Save multiple maps, along with No-go Zones for each level, all recognized automatically by the robot, totally controlled by Roborock App, Siri, and Alexa voice control. Start cleaning, stop cleaning, change modes, get status updates, and more with the Roborock Plus Alexa Skills, Siri, and Google Home commands to set it among the best vacuum cleaners for pet hair removal.

Intensely powerful 2000Pa Suction with Automatic Carpet Boost that easily lifts dust from floors. Also has automatic carpet boost switches to full power on carpets for deeper cleaning. With advanced airflow management and robust sound control, it minimizes noise without reducing power.

Convenient Selective Room Cleaning: Choose which rooms to clean, and schedule cleaning for specific rooms to fit your needs and preferences. An easily removed main brush and side brush and omnidirectional wheel, along with the washable filter, make upkeep quick and straightforward.

You can tailor the cleaning to your personal preferences with Selective Room Cleaning and set schedules for your different rooms. Protects fragile furniture or prevented room access. Definitely fits in the best vacuum cleaners for pet hair removal.

The battery life is great as it cleans for up to 3 hours on one charge covering an area of up to 2152sqft.

It has large wheels (0.8in climbing) and high torque motors that drive S6 over thresholds between rooms and up onto carpets without pausing.


  • Quiet yet Powerful
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Alexa, Siri, and Google Home Voice Control
  •  2000Pa Suction with Automatic Carpet Boost
  • Selective Room Cleaning
  • Extra Long Battery Life
  • Warranty


  • Run time may vary depending on the individual owner’s use.

3. iRobot Roomba i7+ (7550) Robot Vacuum with Automatic Dirt Disposal

The Roomba i7+ robot vacuum automatically empties into a disposable AllergenLock bag that holds 60 days of dirt and dust. This means you don’t have to think about vacuuming for months.

Having a premium 3-Stage Cleaning System and Dual Rubber Brushes provide powerful cleaning. This is guided by smart mapping technology that learns, maps, and adapts to each room.

Having added control from your smartphone gives you a truly custom clean. Learns from your cleaning habits to offer up customized schedules and Smart maps. Suggests extra cleanings when the pollen count is high or during pet shedding season.

You can tell your robot to stay away from certain areas or objects with customizable Keep Out Zones. If it’s running low on battery, it recharges & resumes cleaning.

Cleaning crumbs is now as easy as “Roomba, clean under the kitchen table.” A simple request to your voice assistant or via the app enables the i7+ to clean messes for you, right when they happen. Having this feature puts it among the best vacuums for pet hair removal in 2022.

Ideal for homes with pets because the Unique Dual Multi-Surface Rubber Brushes don’t get tangled with pet hair. High-Efficiency Filter traps 99% of cat & dog dander allergens.

It is the dream team of clean, With Imprint Link Technology, the Roomba i7+ robot vacuum & Braava jet m6 robot mop team up to vacuum then mop automatically in perfect sequence.

The cleaner pulls in stubborn dirt & messes with a Premium 3-Stage Cleaning System & 10X the Power-Lifting Suction. GUIDED BY SERIOUS SMARTS – With vSLAM navigation

With Smart Mapping, your robot knows your kitchen from your living room, so you can decide where it cleans & when. With Keep Out Zones, your robot knows to avoid sensitive areas like pet bowls or play areas.

The Roomba i7+ robot vacuum is smarter than ever, learning where & when you normally clean & suggesting personalized schedules. So you can focus on everything else Unique Dual Multi-Surface Rubber Brushes don’t get tangled with pet hair. Brushes adjust & flex to stay in constant contact with carpets & hard floors.

High-Efficiency Filter traps 99% of cat & dog allergens. If you got cereal on the floor or your cat knocks over a potted plant? The i7+ can target specific areas within your rooms, like in front of the couch or under a table. It is ideal for households with furry pets.


  • Complete control of your clean robot mop team up to vacuum then mop automatically in perfect sequence.
  • With Imprint Smart Mapping, your robot knows your kitchen from your living room, so you can decide where it cleans & when.


  • iRobot does not certify the quality or authenticity of products purchased from non-authorized resellers.

4. Dustbuster Handheld Vacuum (Black and Decker)

For everyday clean-up around the house, the lightweight and compact Dustbuster Platinum BDH2000L 20-Volt MAX* Lithium-Ion Cordless Hand Vacuum is the ideal hand Vacuum for messes large and small. Powered by a built-in 20V MAX* lithium-ion battery, the Cordless Hand Vacuum is perfect for cleaning up dust, dirt, pet hair, crumbs, and other household spills.

Triple-layer cyclonic action keeps the filter clean longer so you can clean with confidence and ease. The long-reach, slim nozzle pivots to help you clean in the tightest spaces around the house. Maintenance is easy thanks to the click-off nozzle, washable filter, and transparent bowl. It sports a 20.6oz dirt bowl for longer cleaning.

This is a Keep it all in one place with the freestanding storage and charging base. It’s perfect for crumbs, and hair on the floor. Its cyclonic action helps to keep the filter clean and power strong Ready indicator light signals when fully charged.

The translucent dirt bowl is easy to see dirt and stress-free to empty. Removable, washable bowl and filter simply rinse under running water. You will experience less bending with the onboard extension.

It has an in-Built crevice and brush tools for vacuuming tight spaces and light dusting applications. This makes it among the best vacuum cleaners for pet hair removal.

There Included brush tool makes vacuuming upholstered surfaces simple, and the onboard crevice tool lets you vacuum the hard-to-reach nooks and crannies of couches and sofas. Clears dry messes and spills like dirt, crumbs, and other debris from your carpets and rugs


  • ROTATING SLIM NOZZLE – Adapts to clean hard-to-reach spaces Adjusts for tight spaces around the home and car interior.
  • CYCLONIC ACTION – Keeps filter clean and power strong
  • HIGH CAPACITY 20.6oz Translucent dirt bowl with washable filter
  • Keep hardwood, tile, marble, and other hard surfaces neat and tidy in no time at all
  • LITHIUM-ION TECH – Lightweight, faster charging, and holds its charge for up to 18 months when unplugged


  • Used for dry messes only because liquids will destroy the paper filter if used for wet messes.
  • A bit noisy

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5. Eufy by Anker, BoostIQ RoboVac 30C, Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The Super-Slim and Even More Powerful RoboVac with Wi-Fi Connectivity. The EufyHome app, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant voice control services let you accomplish your vacuuming needs with zero effort from you.

It is a Lean, Mean Cleaning Machine. RoboVac may be super-slim, but it’s packed with a 3-point cleaning system,

BoostIQ technology, and up to 1500Pa* of suction power. This ensures your floors and carpets are clear of all dirt, dust, crumbs, and pet hairs. With Wi-Fi built-in, you can accomplish all your cleaning needs from your smartphone. Hence it eliminates constant vacuuming chores.

RoboVac takes on dust-busting around your home so you don’t have to. Multiple cleaning modes and auto-clean scheduling ensure an effortless, thorough clean while you relax.

For Optimal Use, ensure you use it on low to medium-pile carpets, tile, laminate, and hardwood floors. Not suitable for high-pile carpets or very dark-colored floors.

Move cables out of the way to avoid entanglements in addition to the 5 cable ties that are provided in the package to help you better organize wires and power cords. The Set Boundary Strips and the robotic vacuum cleaner’s slim 2.85” body with—upgraded to 1500Pa* suction—only cleans the areas you want.

When it is on standard suction mode on hardwood floors, it provides approx. 100 minutes of cleaning. BoostIQ mode (carpeting) provides approximately 50 minutes of cleaning. And when on Max suction mode on medium-pile carpets it provides approx. 40 minutes of cleaning.

RoboVac only connects to the 2.4GHz frequency. Make sure you are using a 2.4GHz router or a dual-band router that is configured to support a 2.4GHz frequency band. This machine does not support the 5GHz frequency band.

The use of Bounce Navigation means that RoboVac will follow a random path when cleaning. This method is still proven to cover an entire room over time.

BoostIQ Technology means the robotic vacuum cleaner will automatically increase suction power within 1.5 seconds. This happens when extra vacuuming strength is needed so that you get the best clean.

Refined from the inside and out to provide quiet vacuuming with zero hassle, RoboVac cleans with the equivalent sound of a microwave. It has a reduced height of only 2.85” allowing for cleaning under low-lying furniture with ease.

Cleans Further use of a larger dustbin allows RoboVac to pick up more dirt and dust to take full advantage of 100 minutes of continuous cleaning, eliminating the need to empty it halfway through cleaning. RoboVac uses drop-sensing technology to avoid falling downstairs and off of ledges

A Quiet Vacuum Cleaner is with Up to 100 minutes plus of constant, powerful suction at a volume no louder than an operating microwave. The advanced brushless motor is what significantly reduces vacuuming noise. That is why it features in the best vacuums for hair removal.

When purchased it comes with RoboVac 30C, 13.2 ft Boundary Strips, remote control (2 AAA batteries included), charging base, AC power adapter, cleaning tool, extra set of high-performance filters, 4 side brushes, 5 cable ties, welcome guide, and a worry-free 12-month warranty.


  • 3-Point Cleaning System
  •  Non-Stop Cleaning Automatic Cleaning
  •  Endurance Cleaning
  • Stays Within Borders
  • 12 Month Warranty


  • Not suitable for high-pile carpets or very dark-colored floors.

6. Dyson Cyclone V10 Animal Lightweight Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

The Dyson cyclone V10 animal cord-free vacuum has a 40% bigger bin than the previous Dyson V8 animal vacuum for the big cleans. The torque Drive cleaner head removes 25% more dust from carpets than our previous Dyson V8 animal vacuum. Has three power modes to choose from, to suit any task on any floor type.

The Dyson cyclone V10 animal cord-free vacuum quickly transforms into a handheld for quick clean UPS, spot cleaning, and cleaning difficult places. Mini-motorized tools will remove pet hair and dirt from carpet and upholstery.

It possesses powerful suction to deep clean everywhere. 55% more suction than the Dyson V7. Dyson technology helps create a cleaner, healthier home. Dyson vacuums and purifiers are scientifically proven to capture particles as small as allergens and bacteria.

Engineered for the whole-home deep cleaning with its Suction power, run time, and tools. 3 Cleaning modes for the right power where you need it with Up to 60 minutes of run time.

Actual run time will vary based on power mode and/or attachments used. Torque drive cleaner head drives bristles deep into the carpet to remove ground-in dirt.

Advanced whole-machine filtration traps 99.99% of particles, dust, pet hairs, and allergens as small as 0.3 microns. 4 Dyson engineered tools for versatile whole-home and car cleaning. Including the mini-motorized tool for removing pet hair from upholstery and tight spaces.

Converts to a handheld for cleaning cars, stairs, and upholstery. The 14-cyclone concentric array generates centrifugal forces up to 79,000 grams trapping fine dust and dirt in the bin, so your vacuum never loses suction.

Lightweight and balanced for floor-to-ceiling cleaning. Cleans up top, down low, and in-between. Low-profile cleaner heads and slim design make it easy to clean low and awkward spaces. Hygienically drives out dust and debris-shooting it in the bin, not the floor.

The Dyson Cyclone V10 Animal vacuum drops into the wall-mounted dock, to recharge and to tidily store the tools, ready to grab and go. Removes pet hair and dirt from carpet and upholstery

The V10 Animal is much lighter and much more portable. It seems to do the same great job as the other vacuums. It’s great for a quick run around the high-traffic areas or a deeper clean of the area rugs and hard floors


  •  Perfectly balanced to clean up high.
  • Reaches under low furniture.
  • Hygienic bin emptying.
  •  Drop-in docking
  •  3 cleaning modes
  • Mini-motorized tool.


  • The battery doesn’t last long depending on if you run it continuously too long and on a high setting.

7. MOOSOO Cordless Vacuum Ultra-Quiet (Model: K17-Pro) 

MOOSOO K17 Series Cordless Vacuum is elegant and compact to stay in your house and has excellent cleaning performance. It is strong and efficient to pick up debris, dirt, and cat/dog hair.

The admonition is to only purchase HEPA FILTERS from the authorized MOOSOO brand that is listed on the “Product Description”. It is important because damages due to inferior FILTERS are not covered under after-sales service.

The new cordless vacuum MOOSOO K17 Motor with 900hrs life expectancy It has a 2021 Upgraded Brushless Motor. They are 6 times longer than an ordinary brushed motor with 150hrs, providing a high capacity of strong power. This makes it rank among the best vacuum cleaners for pet hair removal available.

Meanwhile, the product provides 2 power modes, standard 11kpa, and 24kpa suction in MAX mode. This powered brush roll allows for easy transition between multiple floor types.

Detachable & replaceable 2200mAh Large capacity battery, give it outstanding13-40mins CORDLESS running time ensures thorough cleaning all around the house.

The newly upgraded adapter uses magnets for linking to achieve fast charging. The super long-lasting battery supports the vacuum cleaner with a longer runtime, It offers an amazing 40 mins uninterrupted Whole-home Deep Cleaning from just one quick 3 hours charge.

Has High-efficiency Cyclone + HEPA Filtration System which creates a high speed rotating airflow to remove particulates from the air. The high-density HEPA removes up to 99.99% of microscopic dust particles as small as 0.1 microns.

Replacing your filter is essential for maintaining the performance and life of your vacuum. Comparing the cost of other brands’ replacement attachments, you can save much from MOOSOO.

Easily converts from a stick vacuum to a handheld vacuum with versatile attachments. The newly upgraded slit nozzle is equipped with a light, which can clearly see the debris in the dark and the length of the stretched hose is 136cm.

It is perfect to use with the electric sofa brush, slit nozzle, and 2 in 1 brush.

Motorized Floor Head has equipped LED Dust Searchlight to illuminate every dark corner and helps to track dust. It has built-in stiff nylon bristles and soft bristles pick up dust, crumbs, and pet hairs quickly.

Whether on hardwood floors, carpet, tile floor, MOOSOO Cordless Vacuum can perform cleaning tasks excellently. Besides, the 136cm extension hose and LED lighting slit nozzle is a new way of use, which can clean debris clearly in dark slits

K17-Pro vacuum with remarkably bright LED lights on the vacuum’s foot to help you see pet hair and other debris that are easy to miss in the dark. When you’re done cleaning, emptying the dirt tank is a cinch with our Mess-Free Empty Dirt Tank with One-Click Technology.

Why the K17 Vacuum Cleaner is a keeper is, It uses a brushless motor, and the service life of the motor is 3-5 times higher than other products on the market. Small but powerful and gets the job done.

This is a very impressive small vacuum. The brushless motor is ultra-smooth and quiet, even at high speed.


  • Lighting Slit Nozzle
  • Deep Cleaning
  • Removable Battery Super Long-lasting Battery
  • High-Efficiency Filtration System
  • Lightweight & Multi Versatile Attachments


  • None

8. LG Cordzero A9 Kompressor, (A927KGMS) Cordless 

The LG’s newest Smart Inverter Motor provides superior suction power across all floor types. It can also be used in the car, mattresses, and carpets where pet hair is likely to be found.

Chances are you’ll run out of energy long before this powerful LG CordZero vacuum does. Kompressor technology compresses dirt, dust, and pet hair so you can keep cleaning instead of stopping to empty the dust bin.

The device has two rechargeable, detachable batteries delivering up to 120 minutes* of uninterrupted cleaning performance. The portable stand can store and charge anywhere without having to drill holes into your wall.

The Power Punch Nozzle helps remove hidden dirt for deep cleaning, one-touch control makes cleaning a breeze, and a portable charging stand that lets you store and charge anywhere, anytime.

Maintenance is easy because of the removable, washable filters and cyclone system in addition to ThinQ App Wifi enabled monitoring.

For its Kompressor Technology function, Press the Kompressor lever to compress collected dirt, dust, and pet hair in the bin and create 2.4 times more* bin capacity compared to LG’s previous models

Deals up To 120 Minutes of Uninterrupted Performance then it Cleans and charges at the same time with two upgraded quick-release batteries.

The product when in normal mode without Power Nozzles uses two batteries. Control Features easily work with a Single Touch to turn the vacuum on and off or change power levels with the touch of a thumb, without cramping your hand.

It has Removable Filters for Easy Maintenance thus extending the life of your vacuum with easy-to-maintain removable and washable filters. With the adjustable telescopic wand whose length allows for more flexibility and conveniently stores away to save space.

The 5-Step HEPA Filtration System helps to filter 99.99% of dust by separating suctioned dust in the dust bin, then filtering the remaining fine dust. Based on ASTM F1977-04, in Turbo mode.

If you are looking for the best vacuum cleaner for pet hair removal, and deep cleaning of hidden dust this is the right choice.

Included in the pack is a Power Punch nozzle that delivers vibrations that uncover hidden dust embedded in items like mattresses, sofas, upholstered chairs, and more.


  • So Much More Than a Stand
  • Control Features With a Single Touch
  • Washable Cyclone and Filters for Easy Maintenance
  • Deep Clean Hidden Dust
  • Telescoping Wand
  • WiFi Enabled


  • None

9. BISSELL Iconpet Cordless with Tangle Free Brushroll, Smart Seal Filtration, Lightweight Stick Hand Vacuum Cleaner

BISSELL offers the best cordless pet hair management system floor care device for homes with pets and families. ICON pet Cordless is designed for pets and engineered for power.

This cordless vacuum comes with a High-Powered Digital Motor and 22v lithium-ion battery. Together it provides a faster and easier way to vacuum fur from your entire home and car.

Forget about that annoying hair wrap around the brush roll. The innovative Tangle-Free Brush Roll leaves no hair wrap behind.

The machine also lays flat to clean under beds and couches with remarkably bright LED lights on the vacuum’s foot to help you see pet hair and other debris that are easy to miss in the dark.

Additionally, it cleans pet messes anywhere your pet goes with Motorized Turbo Brush Tool and an LED Lighted Crevice Tool plus Dusting Brush. This places it among the 9 best vacuum cleaners for pet hair removal in the market.

ICON pet Cordless quickly converts into a hand high-reach vacuum. Plus, it works with specialized pet tools to clean messes anywhere your pet goes. And when you’re done cleaning, emptying the dirt tank is a cinch without Mess-Free Empty Dirt Tank with Clean Slide Technology.

It has been tested as per tangle-free protocol BTP0251-A with hair length 6-8“. Spins at up to 420 miles per hour for powerful cordless cleaning performance


  • High-Performance digital motor
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Cordless convenience with three cleaning modes
  • Patented Tangle-Free Brush Roll spins up to 3200 RPM, leaving no hair wrap behind
  • The Mess-Free Dirt Tank with Clean Slide Technology
  • Easily converts to a hand or high-reach vacuum that cleans more spaces


  • It is a bit heavy at the top which may make it fall over
  • The battery life is just ok because it seems to get about 20-30 minutes of life when using it at the highest setting. 

How to choose the best vacuums for pet hair removal.

  • New App

Check the new level of clean From customizable routines to customizable maps. Get a product where complete control is in your hands. Personalized cleaning suggestions help you stay ahead of messes.

  • Suction power

Intensely powerful  Suction with Automatic Carpet Boost that easily lifts dust from floors and pet hairs from the furniture. Also, choose automatic carpet boost switches to full power on carpets for deeper cleaning.

  • Smart

Have a machine whose Intelligence grows & access to the latest advancements in the future is guaranteed. It should be equipped with advanced hardware capable of providing the intelligent features you love today. This makes your work easier and you have control at the touch of a button or phone.

  • Cost

Costs are tied to the type of machine and performance you are looking for. Intelligence grows & access to the latest advancements comes with a price.

  • Noise

Pick a device with advanced airflow management and robust sound control, that can minimize noise without reducing power.

  • Cordless

It makes it easy to reach areas impeded by the cord and easy to handle

  • Bagless

It makes cleaning enjoyable and less tedious when getting rid of the dirt.

  • Battery durability

In case your power goes out or you want a cordless vacuum cleaner it is essential to choose a powerful battery to complete the job. Choosing the detachable battery or not is something to think about.

  • Manufacturers warranty

This is important in case of any malfunction so you can get your situation sorted. This will make a difference when choosing the best vacuums for pet hair removal.

FAQs About The Best Vacuums for Pet Hair Removal

1. What happens if the cat/dog throws up and you are not home when the automatic vacuum runs?

Answer: You may have a huge mess on your hands! And have to take her completely apart, wash and dry every removable part. This can take hours, but once reassembled it works well. But to avoid all that vacuum when at home.


For a first-timer or a seasoned pet owner vacuuming over your rugs or floors is obligatory and choosing the best vacuums for pet hair removal is very important. All this is due to the endless love of your fur pet. That doesn’t necessarily mean vacuuming should be boring, especially if you’re working with a substandard machine due to costs.

Pick a device that is smart and learns from your cleaning habits to offer up customized schedules that suit you. This is important when it comes to extra cleanings, especially when the pollen count is high or during pet shedding season if you want a sparkle in your home. That said and done, pick out the best vacuum cleaners for pet hair removal to clean pet messes, odors, and fur.



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