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The dog has a guilty face for making a mess in his crate

How to stop dog from pooping in crate

Dogs do not harbor the same feeling as we humans do when it comes to pooping anywhere, anyhow. Dogs do have a strong sense of smell hence if he relieved himself in his crate and you fail to clean the crate well, then chances are he will relieve himself there again and again. So how to stop dogs from pooping in crate should be of primary concern to you.

As the saying goes “it is easier to train a dog to potty in the one spot you want them to than the thousands of spots you don’t”. It is imperative to also find out the reason they did it in the first place.

Dogs are brainy pets and since they cannot talk our language they tend to speak to us through subtle actions. So when a crate-trained dog starts pooping in it is communicating something.

In this article, we shall talk over the reasons why a dog poops in the crate and how to stop dog from pooping in crate.

10 Reasons why your dog poops in his crate

1. Ever Changing Schedule

Failure to adhere to a strict feeding and potty schedule which confuses the dog, leading to these accidents.

2. Changing Weather Pattern

Some dogs when the experience extreme weather change especially when it gets very cold or snowy where the dog goes to poop outside. This makes the dog refuse to go to potty out there and do so in his crate where it is warmer.

3. Diet Change

This is also a sign caused by a change of the diet your dog is used to. It will occur due to food intolerance or allergy to certain types of food. So one may need to investigate further if the food change is the reason behind the poop accidents in the crate.

4. Hostile Environment

It is inhumane to crate puppies for long durations as this the sole reason for them pooping since they are not yet mature to hold it for a long time.

Puppies need to get out more to relieve themselves until they are big enough to hold potty until the appropriate time you have set.

When a dog gets nervous then it may likely lead to nervous poop in the crate when exposed to the triggers.

5. Stress

This can be as a result of someone fond of the dog moving out or the introduction of a new pet or newborn baby. This may cause him stress as it will miss the attention and love it once had.

When you leave the house the dog might experience separation stress and exhibit behavior such as howling pooping in the crate scratching the floor. They will also resort to basic destruction of stuff in the house when left alone and use such behavior to calm themselves or keep busy.

6. Breakdown of Communication

Quite clearly there seems to be a breakdown in communication between both of you. Since the dog may be saying he needs to go to the potty but you have picked the cues he may have given.

Hence he decided to send a message by pooping in his comfort zone although no dog loves being in a dirty environment.

7. Medical Situations

The type of poop will be able to tell you why your potty trained dog will poop in the crate.

If the stool is loose then it could be an indication of parasites like worms, viruses, bacterial, bowel cancer or inflammatory bowel diseases that could have infected your dog.

8. Loud Bangs

This is a major cause of dogs to poop in the crate for they freak out and lose control of their bowel. Any form of loud bangs ranging from thunders and explosions to fireworks make up part the of prompts for a dog to poop in a crate.

9. New Environment

Just like a human takes time to orient themselves in a new surrounding so does a dog in a new environment gets disoriented. Hence he will need time to adjust to the new surroundings.

This will mean you have to retrain the dog to the new place for potty training.

If it’s getting a new crate to ensure it is the correct size not too small or too big but the correct size to enable efficient potty training.

10. Old Age

Aging brings about change of behavior more so in the area of bowel control. The old your dog gets the weaker his ability to hold his poop until the chosen time he will relieve himself.

This is normal because his body muscles will become relaxed. There is not much one can do when nature takes its toll on your dog. Most dogs get to their sunset years by age 8- 9 years around that time they may experience such situations.

Concerning aging the dog may experience lapses in remembering when the right time to poop is and so he will do it in his crate. in this instance, the question of how to stop dog from pooping in crate will have minimal impact.

How do you stop dogs from pooping in the crate?

Sanitize his Crate

First of all, you will need to clean the crate thoroughly with a stain and smell remover to make the dog stops pooping in his crate. You can decide to use baking soda to neutralize the poop and urine smell from the crate because it will not harm the dog.

Create  Schedule

Resort to have a strict schedule of feeding and potty time in a designated spot that you need to follow religiously to avoid the accidental pooping in crate. Check the water intake too to avoid the dog peeing in the crate or house.

Adjust Surrounding

In cases where the weather gets extremely cold and the snow settles where the dog goes to the potty, it is prudent to shovel the snow and put an old warm rug. This will encourage the dog to go potty in the area designated since it will be warm.

Vet Visits

­­­­­­­­­­­If your dog is aging then you can talk to the vet who will be able to offer therapy or other interventions.

When it is a case of infections regular vet visits will be the best cause of action for it to receive medical assistance to deal with the situation.

Positive and Negative Reinforcement

Do not punish the dog every time he poops in his crate rather use the reward system to enforce good pooping practice and eliminate nervous pooping.


A simple exercise can come in handy to ease the dog when it’s nervous or experiencing bowel issues, some have recommended Tellington Touch Belly Lifts. Take the dog out for walks and exercises and that will naturally sort these accidents because ti will potty in the right place.

Enlist Professional Help

When the situation is not arrested then you could enlist the services of a professional behaviorist dog trainer. You can tell your neighbor to monitor your dog or take it to a professional sitter in case you will be out of the house for a long time.

Get a Comfortable Crate

Choose the appropriate crate for your dog and ensure the size is comfortable for the pet dog, make sure it is not too big nor too small. If it is too big it will give him space to poop in his crate and have space to sleep.

Potty Training

Remove the poop from the crate and take it outside to the place you want your dog to potty and thoroughly clean the crate. When you take the dog outside and he poops in a designated place leave the poop there since a dog goes to the same spot he pooped before. Then you can remove the previous poop to keep the environment clean.

Safe Place

The creation of a safe space for the dog will keep him calm and more in control of his bowel actions. A safe haven for the dog

When you implement the measures above it will help you know how to stop God from pooping in crate.

 below is a video on how to stop dog from pooping in crate

FAQ about how to stop dog from pooping in crate

Q 1. Why has my dog started pooping in the house?

Dogs are very intelligent animals that when trained not poop anywhere and anyhow they adhere. So when it starts to poop in the house, it normally is a red flag that it could be the environment, stress, extreme fear.

Other issues are changed schedules of meals, poor diet or underlying medical situations such as cognitive dysfunction that makes him forget. The older they get the more vulnerable they become to such a situation.

So when your dog poops or pee due to lack of self-control you may need to investigate the root cause and change it.  Make sure the dog poops outside before you allow him to get back into the house. You will have to stick to a certain routine or schedule of pooping to ensure continuity.

Trauma from injuries through accidents affecting the rectum area can lead to the dog having less control when it comes to potty time.

Q 2. How to stop dogs from pooping in the house?

It can a frustrating experience when your dog poops in the house and the first thought it is trying to revenge for something you did. Well, dog behaviors tell us a lot so as we have seen there are various reasons why the dog is pooping in the house.

So necessary steps one may range from taking the dog to the vet to check for infections and treatment.

Another step will be to clean the spot where the accident happened thoroughly to inhibit the dog from making it a habit.

You may also use Pet Gates and Crates to training the dog not relieve itself inside the house.

Q 3. How to stop dog from pooping at night?

This is a hard task especially when it is deep in the night where you have to take the dog out in the garden to poop or pee after a heavily tasked day in the office.

This comes down to setting the time of feeding to an earlier one, avoid 6 in the evening and feed her once or twice a day don’t overfeed. And if the dog has not eaten remove the plate that way it will know the set feeding time. This is a way of stopping dogs from pooping in the crate because when left in there for a long time while howling to go outside, the dog will do his business in the crate.

Also, you may need to go for walks which will make the dog active and it will exercise his bowel muscles leading to him potty at a good time.

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­­­­Dogs have no shame and can poop in the crate due to the change in environment, diet allergy, aging, stress among other reasons mentioned above. This article gave possible solutions on how to stop dog from pooping in crate though not limited those discussed.

The common solutions we have seen stem from regular vet visits, reinforcement of positive potty behavior, sticking to a routine when feeding the dog, creating safety zones and walks. Feeding the dog in his crate will dissuade it from pooping in the same place, it is not so nice even for him. Making the crate to become cozy and warm will make also make the dog treasure its place and avoid going potty in his crate.

When you take into consideration the suggestions we have seen, it will resolve some of the embarrassing poop behavior. This will get you to enjoy a cozy relationship with your furry friend devoid of the pungent unfriendly smell inside the house.

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