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Is it Bad to Keep a Cat in a Cage

Well, is it bad to keep a cat in a cage? The answer is neither a simple yes nor a no. Why?

One might deem it cruel to cage a cat since they tend to resist getting into cages. However, caging a cat may be the most sensible action to take due to several reasons. For instance, it can keep them out of trouble and safe from imminent danger especially at night or when the owner is not around.

In this article, we shall look at more of the reasons why putting a cat in a cage or a crate may be deemed necessary. We will also talk about various situations where you should avoiding caging a cat.

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Is it Bad to Keep a Cat in a Cage or Crate? 8 Reasons why

The following are some of the reasons why you may have no choice but to put your cat in a cage or crate.

  • When transitioning into a new environment

Just like humans, cats too need to practice their mental mapping abilities when they venture into new surroundings. This is particularly important for kittens that need a bit of time to transition into unfamiliar surroundings.

Pet experts explain that new surroundings, which include smells, sights, and sounds that are strange to what the cat is accustomed to earlier, might lead to anxiety. Thus, when releasing the cat to a new environment, you should do so by gently lifting the lid and letting her exit at her own pace into the new surrounding.

  •  When the cat is breeding

It may get tricky sometimes for female cats to breed outdoors. Hence a breeding cage may come in handy for the couple to mate comfortably. Afterward, you can release the cats and let them continue with their normal routine.

Moreover, it is prudent to cage the female cat for a fortnight before the due date to ensure the kittens are born in a secure and safe environment.

  • Caging a restless tomcat

If one has a busy tomcat that is always gone in the neighborhood due to its male prowess, then caging may be deemed necessary.

This will help to tame him and prevent him from disappearing now and then even on his veterinary appointment days. However, this should be temporary or for a short time to train him.

is it bad to keep a cat in a cage?

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  • When traveling

When going for a ride in the car please crate the cat as our feline friends get spooked easily. A sudden car horn can spook and even disorient the cat causing him or her to leap out of the car and disappear into a bush to hide.

  • Litter box training

It is a joy to get a bunch of little kittens. However, the joy might be short-lived when they start using the house as one big litter box, relieving themselves behind the seats or underneath the carpets.

So it would be ideal to put the litter box in the cage and put the kittens in to train them because it is more difficult to train them when they are older.

  • Taming feral & stray cats

Feral cats are wild cats that live outdoors and avoid humans while stray cats were once living indoors as pets up until they got deserted by the owner or got lost in a new environment.

Either feral cats or stray cats can be domesticated by exercising patience since they may be hard to tame. However, they are easier to tame as kittens than adults.

So the cage can be the means of ensuring they interact with their human rescuers whose intention is to save them from the hostile environs. This is to change what they may have experienced out there and to prevent a repeat of the same situation.

  • Quarantine

For the cat lovers who possess a clowder of cats and unfortunately one becomes sick, caging would be the most practical thing to do. This type of quarantining helps prevent further outbreaks among the other healthy cats. Thus offering the opportunity to take the sick cat to the vet for treatment.

Similarly, caging is necessary when introducing a rescued cat or a new feline member that has not been given a clean bill of health by the vet for contagious ailments.

Moreover, caging or crating your cats may be prudent to avoid a catfight when introducing a new cat. Catfight normally occurs when the dweller cats feel that their spot is in danger of being taken by the stranger cat. Henceforth it is important to keep them caged until they get acquainted.

  • Outdoor runs

Cat enthusiasts may differ in opinion when told it is safer for the cat to stay indoors than roam freely outside.

When outdoors, your cat may encounter marauding dogs, vehicles, malicious people, toxins, and other dangers.

Probably that’s why there is a coined saying “a cat has got nine lives” due to the dangers lurking out there.

Outdoors is not the same as a loving cat owner has provided in the house. Would you like to gamble with the life of your best friend?

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Watch how to place your cat in a cage successfully


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Is it bad to keep a cat in a cage? This article has highlighted why cats sometimes need to be kept in a cage. Caging is usually temporary and it is not to their detriment as we have seen. It is also for the cat’s owner good to have the best cat carrier for nervous cats, especially during behavioral training to help build trust between them.

Besides, putting a cat in a cage is in the best interest of the householder as it helps to prevent the spread of diseases outbreak in his clowder.

Nonetheless, getting the right sized cages or crates is important for ensuring your cat is not only safe but also comfortable when caged. Any cat enthusiast has to take the necessary precaution in the best interest of our feline friends. This is because they are part n parcel of our family and they need our love and protection as we cherish their companionship.

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